Tied Slaveboy And Two Encased Femdom Whores

I felt the urge to play again with my girl Nylon-Lana, but I also had something different in mind: I tied up one of our male nylon slave subjects and it was at our disposal. My little scholar still lacks dominance, that’s why – due to not knowing any better – she gave the nylon toy a long-lasting blow job.

In the meantime, I kissed and touched them gently again and again and my lust for more grew. So my hands grip his mouth tight, disallowing his breath. I am on the edge of devouring him like a starving lioness, fucking him wildly, but I keep control of myself. Instead I enjoy the service of two inexperienced creatures. I wrap his face in transparent film, now he can only breath through his nose. Nylon-Lana keeps blowing his stiff cock and it keeps turning me on like crazy. I have to stop her every now and then and kiss her full lips. Finally I put a gas mask on him and we play with his prick shortly before we leave him in the room, as if he was a piece of furniture. I feel a deep desire for Nylon-Lana. I place her on my lap and enjoy her hot nylon body, while she plays with my nipples. I direct her head down to my crotch and she licks me until I have a shaking orgasm. I guess the best is yet to come, or am I wrong, sweetheart?
Length: 21:53 minutes
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