Auroras First Experience With 1 DEN Super Shiny Black Nylon Encasement Full Body Suit

Length: 15:26 minutes
Resolution: FULL HD Quality (1920 x 1080)
Size: 679 MB
Format: MP4
  • Product Code: 13710
  • $14.99

That was new for me: 1 DEN super shiny black full body nylon suit with varginal nylon condom. From head to toe completely in a sheer nylon suit, the feeling was amazing. Ok, putting it on was a bit cumbersome but still feasible without any problems. I went out of the hotel room for a moment to check that everything was okay. When I was back I wanted to pamper my nylon pussy with my favorite dildo. Dildo welcome in my nylon pussy ;-)
Length 15:26 minutes
Resolution FULL HD Quality (1920 x 1080)
Size 679 MB
Format MP4

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