Encased Bondage Sub Gets Throated And Condom Mask

In the course of this treatment, I am tied to the back of a chair while lying on the belly. I had the permission to wear a shiny silky outfit with preppy shoes, but now it was time for me to prove my loyalty towards my master.

He cuts a hole in my mask and presses his fat cock against my lips. It is so big that I can hardly breathe. My lord shows no mercy, and though I need short breaks, I do not want him to stop. The look and feel of his huge cock, stuffed into my mouth, only fuels my lust and I feel my labia opening. All I want right now is to feel this pole of stiff flesh. When he turns me round onto my back, my cunt stays wide open for him, so the game can go on. My master determines whether I have to lick his cock, his balls or his asshole. I accept his terms unconditionally and accept everything gratefully.

The final act begins with my master pulling a condom over my head. He leaves me twitching breathless for a while. I am enormously aroused and only moments before asphyxiation, when sperm shoots from his glans right on my latex face.
Length: 16:30 minutes
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