Encasement Face Sitting And Golden Shower

There he was, lying in front of me, licking my heels like he should, ready for my kinky games. After I have sat down on his face with my labia denying him to breathe, I started playing with his stiff friend. He was given the opportunity to inhale every now and then, but most of the time I pressed my labia firmly on his face. He had the permission to please himself and I glided my hands over my breast and enjoyed the show.

I love to have power over him and I circled my hips, still sitting on his face, in total control of the action. I had a hard time trying not to touch his delicately encased nylon body, but I succeeded and enjoyed his aroused breath in my crotch. When I realised that he was about to explode, I squatted and evacuated my bladder. His mask enabled him to see the stream exiting my labia. At first directly on his face, then distributed all over his upper body. At the same time he discharged a fat load of his juice on his wet and very warm upper body.
Length: 14:03 minutes
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