Encasement Swinger Meeting

While Markus was kissing with Natascha, I targeted Max. I was turned on by the sight of Markus’ balls bouncing against Natascha’s stockinged cunt, so I took his balls in my hand and kneaded them shortly. Max didn’t rest as well and stroked Markus’ scrotum gently.

We switched positions and while I put on a shiny pantyhose top on Max, it was Natascha who took Markus’ cock in her mouth. I got my hands on Max’ stiff cock – it felt so thick in my hands! Every now and then I switched to Markus’ penis and so did Max. My lust reached unknown heights when I saw the gorgeous Natascha, completely encased in Nylon, lying next to me, kissing Markus. At this moment, there was only one thing I wanted. Max turned me round quickly and slammed his prick in my slippery cunt. I enjoyed our nyloned bodies rubbing on each other. Natascha sat on Markus’ cock and rode it moaning. It felt as if it takes place in a dream. There were no fierce orgasms, rather like the fire in a furnace, slow but long-living, despite every one of us being very charged.

Time will tell if we get the chance to do it again, but both Markus and I are sure we won’t turn it down.
Length: 12:55 minutes
Price: $ 10.99
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