Mistress Jenny And Her Encased Sex Slave

„Hello my little cock whore, did you miss me?“, these were my first words upon meeting my good nylon servant again. He is obviously excited, but, as always, obedient and submissive, just the way I like it. I start with binding his cock and balls with a silky pantyhose and I join the remaining ends via the crotch to his wrists, which are getting fixed to his back with the same pantyhose. Within seconds, his friend rises and shines and he is ready to do everything I want for me.

I command my servant to bow down. It is not easy for him, but why should I care. I like to watch him, even if the tension of the pantyhose in his crotch causes severe pain. I speak to him with a gentle and silent voice, yet it is dominantly enough that he delivers without any reluctance. The poor being seems to hope that he can make use of his trunk, but he should get that out of his head. I rather use his face dildo, with which he fucks my shoe first, followed by myself. I absolutely enjoy the game, as the complete body of my servant turns into a homogeneous cock, which constantly glides in and out of myself, until I explode due to a trembling orgasm. After I have finished, I press his head further down and evacuate my bladder, directing a warm stream directly towards his head.
Length: 17:13 minutes
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