No Mercy With Encasement Whore

I got the command to show up in the hotel room, where I was received by two perfectly built men. Their bodies were covered by tender Wolford Neon 40, just like mine. The masters tied my hands, spread my legs and enjoyed their slave.

While Klaus and I kiss passionately, with him playing with my nipples, Markus‘ hand sneaks between my thighs. Klaus presses his cock hard against my head and pushes it in my mouth. It is so large, tastes good with a bitter note, simply masculine! I suck and lick. In the meantime Markus takes care of my crotch and penetrates without hesitation. I can feel the adrenaline rushing through my body and I lose any sense for space and time. My doms swap positions and so I am entitled to suck the cock of Master Markus, while Master Klaus has some anal fun.

The sensation of being used by two masters simultaneously is a huge kick – But what is this? I can feel the twitching of the cock in my mouth, but the masters get up and both spray their cum on my submissive nylon face.
Length: 17:14 minutes
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