Orally Obsessed Nylon Encased Girl With Latex Gloves

I was never able to resist a man that is completely covered in delicate yarn. If you throw a seamless pantyhose and the fact that he is well endowed in the mix, I lose my self control. This time there was no difference, I could not contain myself, I keep his dick grabbed and my tongue wanders up to its tip, my lips close around it and I suck on his glans, all through the Falke pantyhose, while my hand massages the shaft. The gentle game of tongues pleases us both, because I am getting turned on by it quickly. In order to get a more intense feeling, I release his cock from his pantyhose a few times. I enjoy this for a while until I turn my attention to his tightest hole, stretching it a bit with my latex finger and inserting a plug into it. I feel my labia getting wet in the pantyhose and it does not take long for me to explode on his face while sitting on it. Hes is also ready, and a hot load of cum jizzes on his pantyhose.
Length: 23:31 minutes
Price: $ 12.99
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