Tied Up, Fisted And Fucked Nylon Encased Slut

I might have had one or two drinks too much that night and I laid myself down exhausted. Nylon, being all over my body, played gently with my skin and my hand, as if it had a will of its own, moved to my crotch. I did not realize that someone put a few ropes in place on the bed, right next to me.

This was an opportunity to feast on his prey that he could not miss. After getting my arms and legs fixated wide spread and a foreplay involving my pearl, he pushed one finger after the other inside of me until he did the same with his stiff cock. Every now and then he put his hand on my mouth or even choked me and his bumps became wilder. His lust drove me insane and I asked him to sink his complete hand inside of me. I nearly burst of lust for this and he kept fisting me until I begged for mercy. He resorted to simply fucking his nylon doll until he used his hand again. Eventually, his grateful slave was allowed to taste his warm cream.
Length: 26:42 minutes
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