White Encasement Sub Fucked Well And Facialized

My arms are bound, my body encased and I am kneeling in front of my master, who is looks stunning being encased by glossy nylon. Without a single word, he stuffs my nylon mouth with his hard friend. I am obedient and open my lips to devour his majestic piece, until he fucks my mouth through the mask deeper and deeper with growing intensity. He uses his blowing doll which has little capability to move and this enables him to stick his stiff cock so deep in my mouth until I scream.

I am reaching my limits, but I cant stop now. I am fuckable for my master. He turns me onto my belly, grabs me tight on my hips, charges and thrusts as hard and strong as he can. Blow after blow clap on my firm, meaty and hosed thighs, causing them to quake. My pelvis reaches out calling for it exploitation.

My master is done playing with me and so dumps a fat load of cum on my shiny nylon face. I am very grateful and lick it up completely.
Length: 16:52 minutes
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