Aurora's First Experience With A Condom On Her Head - Nylon Encased Lesbian

Our games went on and now our faces were separated not only by nylon but also by skintight latex condom. We took a deep breath and let ourselves go. She was perfect as always. I tenderly but greedily kissed her latex face and searched for her lips.

Then I slid between her legs, on all fours, my butt stretched in the air, a hollow back and with my face down. Deeper and deeper, I came closer to the huge wet spot in her crotch. I kissed the spot, licking it. I imagined myself tasting a mixture of peach and vanilla. Then she lifted her pelvis and let me do it. My tongue fumbled tenderly in her column, I sucked, licked. My hands stroked her small breasts. I could not get enough of her.
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