Black Encasement Couple And The Nylon Cock

Upon spotting my hosed body, he kissed me dearly. I enjoyed touching his body and face, both gently covered by nylon. His dagger was packed this way as well and I had to put it in my mouth and hands over and over again. As soon as his hosed friend was in my mouth, he expressed his dominance and pressed my head even stronger against his penis. I could feel his cock growing in my mouth. Then he licked me and eventually cut my pantyhose to push his stiff hosed cock into me. I was wet and eager and could hardly await him to take me. Such a horny and rough encasement sex. At the end, I sat on his face, circled my pelvis and felt his tongue until I exploded. He, in turn, sprayed his warm cream on my shiny nylon face.
Length: 17:35 minutes
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