Brave Boy Having Fun With Two Encasement Chicks

First I was only watching the sensual foreplay of Lana and her cousin until the arousal caused by the actions I witnessed got me taking a place next to them. My hands greedily touched Lanas delicate body, they kneaded her nylon breasts. I also sniffed on her and she smells so luscious! The game went along and so his cock disappeared in her sweet mouth as a whole, while his face dived into my labia. I watched Lana riding him and I licked her splendid breasts constantly. My arousal went beyond limits, I wanted to abuse both of them so badly!

I have to confess, I actually did so to a certain extent. I used a strap on to penetrate her tightest hole. The pain made her twitch, but she kept on serving me with her bum stretched out. I was totally in charge while I took her anally, until she moaned loudly. I had no intentions of being gentle to her, because my little nylon fuck doll turned me on way too much. But when her cousin eventually sprayed his cream on my face, I happily shared it with my girl.
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