Breath Play In Wolford Over Latex

I fancied wearing my latex suit Ė it tightens my body so well and feels unbelievably arousing. Thereís only two tiny breathing holes in the mask that allow me to breathe. I canít see anything, I only feel. I know that some pantyhose lie next to me and my hand quickly grabs one of them. I put it on over my latex catsuit. First on the legs, then on the upper body. I have to admit that it is not easy to get dressed when youíre blind. To make things worse, if the mask moves slightly and I canít get enough oxygen I start to panic and my breathing becomes louder. But after Iím done dressing, lust overwhelms me, and my inner cinema plays scenes that drive me out of my mind. I rest on my arms, bend forward and imagine that your huge rubber cock penetrates me and fucks me brutally. My hands glide through my body until they connect with my croth. I canít resist masturbating in that outfit and lose control. An unbelievable orgasm is imminent. I cum twitchingly while sitting. I lie down afterwards but keep on playing with myself without noticing. Though I just came, I think about your pussy-stretching nylon cock and cum again. Latex and nylon is pure madness.
Length: 15:20 minutes
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