Encased Alone In A Hotel Room

This evening I came back to my hotel room, turned on the TV, slowly took off my clothes and took great pleasure in stroking my delicate shiny nylon encased body. I wished that someone would share this evening with me. But I knew that no one would, so I grabbed my toys. First I used the butt plug and dildo. I longed for a man, so I stuffed my vagina with a long nylon stocking, which had soaked in my juices for a long time. I made a nylon dildo, which is perfectly shaped for my vagina. Finally, I just needed a suitable movie. It did not take long until my body twitched as if it was struck by hot lightning. I was totally exhausted on my bed. I slowly teased the long stocking out of my pussy and put my clothes on again. But I decided to keep my butt plug firmly in place. Who knows what else will go on in my mind.
Length: 21:29 minutes
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