Encased Jenny Tied Cock With Nylon And Makes Dirty Talk

A slave must obey and so he waits for me patiently. I walk to him, stroke his nylon body gently and smell him briefly. Then I bind his little friend with a nylon stocking and fix its end on the tip of his mask. The higher he lifts his head, the stronger the tension on his cock becomes. I milk him and use him the way I want. I enjoy squeezing both his balls. I laugh at him and tie his cock until it turns blue. I run my fingers across the swollen veins of his prick. My fingers move along his glans. I can hear his heart beating and enjoy the game. Then I loosen the ties on his stiff prick. After all these extertions it has become quite sensitive. My slaveís body shivers with every touch. He is not allowed to come else he must spend another two hours in the basement. However, he canít retain his semen, so I am going to reappear in two hours. Now I sit down and he is allowed to cum on my lap. It is understood that he has to lick it up completely afterwards.
Length: 21:09 minutes
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