Encased Lady Gives Shoejob And Pegs Her Guy

His delicate encased body and pleasurable touches awaken the desire in me to touch his stiff cock immediately. Max surprised me as he slipped his friend between my shoe sole and heel and rubbed it on my shoe. I now know what direction we will take the game today and put on my strap-on. Tonight he is my pleasure and Footboy.

But I'm careful with him. First I penetrate him slowly and take time until I pump faster. I fuck him as my hand lovingly caressing his hot nylon body until I firmly force him on the couch while I rammed my dildo in his ass. Now I turn him on his back, my hands encircle his neck and I look him straight in the eye while my shocks are more intense and wild. His shiny body drives me crazy and everything is building in my lust, but I will not spoil the game and continue fuck my submissive nylonboy well.

I set my focus to his cock. I suck him, let go and suck again. Then I sit on Max face without letting his friend out of my hands. He panics when he can not breathe. My labia firmly enclose his nose and mouth. He has no chance to breathe freely. I enjoy this controlling power over my nylon boy. After I allow him to cum on my shoe, I insist he licks off everything down to the last drop
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