Encased Nylon Slave Wrapped In Plastic And Milked

Mercy is a concept that dominant Jenny does not apply. Hence, if a slave misbehaves in a naughty way, I get a chance to execute my genuine methods of education. A silky hosed body becomes apparent underneath my business attire. I know exactly what’s about next to come and prepare a large roll of cling film and a straw in a wine glass. One of my principles is to touch my slaves only if I’m wearing gloves. Before the session starts, I enjoy the gloss of the double-layered pantyhoses on my legs once more. This is followed by me commanding him to lie down. First, I restrict his movement by mummifying him with the cling film. His only possibility to breathe is through the tiny holes at his nose. Every now and then I cover them with my hand and seeing him wriggling gives me delight. Again and again, I sit on his face and play with his cock as if it was my personal toy. Now, before he blows his load, I collect all the cream with the glass. You know exactly, what’s next to come… Yes… he had to drink it all.
Length: 21:47 minutes
Price: $ 12.99
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