Encased Police Femdom Spanks And Fucks Sub

Being a police officer means to face all types of scum every single day. These guys deserve nothing but a strict punishment. After a hard day of work I relaxed just before quitting time. My hands were sliding across my glossy hosed legs. Every now and then my fingers shifted to my crotch. I got a taste of my juices and started using my imagination. All of a sudden I realized that I had been observed by a peeping Tom who even tried to film me with his mobile. I had to react quickly and ordered him to lay himself on my knees. He seemed frightened and submissive at the same time. First, I slapped his hosed butt until it turned deeply red. He resisted but I had absolute power over him and his constant sighs turned me on even more. In order to teach him a lesson, I put on my blue strap-on, and it felt as if a cock had grown from the middle of my crotch. I sensed how my strap on invaded his butt cheeks, accompanied by his shocked moans. Initially they resisted, but due to my force they gave in eventually. My victim appeared so helpless that it was a tremendous joy to abuse him. I took him without hesitating, just as if he was a male hooker. The permanent in and out got me lost in my imagination, I became quicker and quicker and started to believe that I held my own cock in my hands. It is wonderful to possess the power of a police officer. I nearly fucked him to death with my hard and constant thrusts until he was shaking. At the end, upon touching his prick, his cream jizzed on his powerless and abused body.
Length: 19:38 minutes
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