Encasement Bondage Session - Part 1

The desire for unlimited devotion, for being exploited ruthlessly, for the permission to serve my master in gentle pantyhose gets me every time we meet. Usually not a single word is spoken on our dates, but the body language reveals everything. I remain silent while he ties me, enjoying his tender touches. He strokes my curved, bouncy nylon tits and bum cheeks, grabs them with firm fingers, invades the area between my legs and rubs my sanctuary gently through the fabric on his hands. All of a sudden, he lunges out and hits my juicy ass with a leather whip. He really enjoys the view of the strong disturbances on my wobbling behind. Hanging on the rope, I respond his gaze and remain silent and obedient while he caresses my nylon body and face.
Length: 13:56 minutes
Price: $ 10.99
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