Encasement Jenny Dazed And Exploited

Jenny awaits a visitor and makes herself ready for him. For that she wears a light pink pantyhose over her body, pink Heels and a short hot buisness outfit. He finds her while she reads a very naughty Comic book. The story made Jenny pretty hot so she started to glide her hands over her nyloned Body. Markus knew excatly what he had to do in this moment. He put his latex gloves on and nears Jenny. Out of nowhere he overwhelm her with Chloroform and puts a few nylon masks over her head. Then he ties her fuzzy body split legged on the Table. Her hands are spreaded out to the front and also tied to the other table feet. Now he gags her mouth with some white tape and starts to finger her alternatley in every hole. Slowly Jenny awakes and dont know what happend. This circumstance make Markus twice as hot that he wanna take her only analy...So he starts to do it with pleasure and without hectic like its his own Toy.
Length: 19:41 minutes
Price: $ 12.99
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