Encasement Jenny Plays With Rubber Pussy

I missed Natasha, her tender kisses and touches. I can't stop thinking about her and bought me a toy for tonight because I know exactly what I would like today. Lying on the bed, I am enjoying this evening. My hands slowly and eagerly explore my whole body. I am certain that you know how marvellous this feels.

First, I stuff a silky stocking into my pussy, then I insert a butt plug into my tightest hole. The delicate Falke that covered my body, intensify my desire for Natasha, and I open the tube with my new toy silicone pussy. With my fingers I pull apart the labia, so that I see the clitoris and I can put my tongue over it. I circle around it, I suck at it, I hammer on it. Using my fingers, I penetrate it.

After that my dancing tongue moves along the narrow column until I finally penetrate it like a greedy cock and fucks this tight hole.I can not control my mental cinema,my lust tears me apart. . Now I pull out the stocking out of my pussy and pull it over my head. The butt plug remains inside me .. for the further 24 hours.
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