The Erotic Sensual Pantyhose Encasement Game With High Shiny Nylon Female Bodies

The inexperienced Aurora smiles shy and doesn't yet know how much she excites Jenny with her perfectly builded tender-encased body. Jenny knows that the combination of her skilled hands and nylon-rubbing can wear down the resilience of her close roommate. Soon Aurora bulges under Jenny's erotic touch and leans back in her arms while Jenny explores and rubs Aurora's nylon body and spreads her nylon legs. Again and again, Jenny pulls a nylon stocking on Aurora's head, plays with Aurora and pulls him off to put it on himself again. You just have to watch. Make sure that you turn down the volume when your friend is in the next room.
Length: 13:31 minutes
Price: $ 10.99
Buy MP4 File | FULL HD Quality (1920 x 1080) | Size: 596 mb