Friends Meet For Encasement Sex

I was in a hurry, because I had a spontaneous date. I wanted to pull two or even three layers of gentle Falke over my Wolford Neon for this occasion. As soon as I finished getting into my third pantyhose, someone knocked on my door. There he was! And just like I asked him to, he arrived encased. I asked him to remove his pants and I could not help staring at his hosed body; the gloss of his encased body was overwhelming.

We pulled another pantyhose over our heads, resulting in each of our heads being in a distinct leg of the pantyhose. We kissed and it felt like magic in that particular moment. He removed his half of the pantyhose and applied it as an additional layer on my head. I returned the favour and put another stocking on his head as well. Then he penetrated me. First gentle and slow, then constantly harder. I enjoyed his thrusts and realised that I hooked a very special man handsome, smart and with the same kink like me.

He fucked me with a bare cock without condom and he could feel my absolute devotion: I enjoyed being taken by the glossily encased body of an attractive stranger whom I first met only an hour ago at the hotel bar. There were so many kicks raising my lust. I cant remember if Ive ever been that wet and I sensed that he had to restrain himself to avoid cumming too fast. He discharged his lust by quickly pressing me to the floor and his whole load of cum landed on my nylon face.

Are you perhaps lonely in a hotel room, encased and horny? What if Im lying in the next room, yearning for your nylon body, your warmth and your loaded cock.
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