My Nylon Encasement Guest And His Almost Ruined Orgasm

Newcomers are always welcome to me, especially if they are pantyhose encasement fans just as me. I like it, when they have a firm body and weak submissive will. I pulled several nylon masks over his head, tied my freshman to a chair while he waited excitedly for what I was going to do with him. After I tied his cock tight with a stocking and tense the stocking, I sat down on his lap to feel him more intense. After that, I forced him to inhale the scent of my nylon vagina. I played with his cock while he wanted to cum every second, I enjoyed the control that I had at the moment about him. Secretly, I wanted to ride his cock until the unconsciousness, but that is not part of a dominatrix. As a final exam, he had to drink his own sperm. I would say he passed it ;)
Length: 18:04 minutes
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