Nylon Condom In Jenny's Pussy

I'm alone now and enjoying my beautiful silky body. This time I'm in pantyhose with attached nylon condom, my personal preparation. Now I'm really encased completely, ready for you.. hope you like ..

I stroke over my body. A pleasant feeling runs through me, the opening in my pantyhose is very wide. I fumble with a finger into it carefully and feel how my lips are plump. While my fingers move in me, I feel an ever stronger, throbbing and pulsating feeling. It is so strong that I put a second finger in, again and again, in and out. The nylon cave is now totally wet. I imagine that now you are with me, now it's your hands that caress me so tenderly. I think it is almost impossible, but I want to protract the climax yet ..

My fantasy of you is driving me crazy and the movement of my fingers will become more intense, harder and faster. Finally, I cross my legs and imagine you take me anal. That enough for me and I explode before Lust..Lust by you.
Length: 10:01 minutes
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