Nylon Pantyhose Encasement Couple Has Good Sex With Gas Masks

Still exhausted and tired after a beauty sleep, I lay in my room, as he put on a gas mask over my head and I felt his fingers in my crotch. Next he pulled me a shiny stocking over the gas mask. The mask sat tight on my face and while I had to breathe deeper, because I got through the mask less oxygen, my lover grabbed me from behind and rammed his hard cock into me. He took me on a whim, as his personal Fuck doll.

As always, he was completely encased in a glossy pantyhose from his head to toe and I could not get enough of his nylon body. I love it so much when men encase themselves with shiny tights. My legs wrapped themselves around his waist, I closed my eyes and enjoyed his deep and hard thrusts. He did not let me come, but every time I was on the brink he slowed down. His warm cream landed on my nylon gasmask while my nylon body demanded more.
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