Peeing In My Pantyhose

Iím having some time on my own again and that means I can focus on my kinks. The tender Oroblu, modified by adding a nylon condom, feel incredibly good. I add a second layer of Wolford Satin Touch on my legs and a Neon 40 for my upper body, finishing my outfit for today. Iím also stimulated by a small anal plug I inserted in the morning and of course I do not remove it.

I slowly stuff my crotch with the nylon condom and I enjoy it a lot. I imagine it is your hands caressing my body. The stocking inside my body feels so wonderful, filling my pussy and it is practically calling you. I try to include all the curves of my inside in this game by moving my body. I cross my legs and the muscles of my hips are working full speed.

I can feel the wave of lust coming slowly and I canít stop it for long. Soon it hits my body with all its power. My filled bladder canít resist the pressure and I let loose. The wetness feels warm and it looks so nice running down my glossy legs.
Length: 10:25 minutes
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