Step Sister Caught Masturbating In Encasement Pantyhose

She was home alone and did not know what to do with her time. Bored as she was, she put a lollipop in her mouth and looked through her brotherís room. She found a box of DVDís below his TV and inspected a few of them. This was her first time seeing a cock in either the mouth or crotch of a woman, but instead of being shocked, it turned her on. Her arousal grew, and so she sat down and started stroking herself gently. She did not know why but she felt the strong urge to move her lollipop in the crack between her legs.

She gave in and she liked it and she felt her labia getting wet and heavy. With her eyes closed, she immersed in the realm of lust, not aware that her brother caught her in the act. He entered the room, touched her gently, even though the whole scene left him speechless and yet aroused him the same time. His strokes became more intensive and she did not resist.

His touch on her breasts, her thighs and between her labia showed effect. Her nipples became hard and she closed her eyes and breathed heavily. He got his cock out of his pants she touched it. He gently forced her to touch it with her lips and she obviously loved it. He turned her onto her stomach and slapped her bum a few times. She moaned slightly, but obediently accepted her punishment, because she was aware of her wrong-doing. Then he moved his fingers into her crotch and explored the virginal vagina of his little sister until she reached an orgasm. It was her first time.
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