Strap-On Femdom Encasement Mistress

Tenderly, but withouth losing my assertiveness, I pulled my encased slave close to me. It aroused me to see his already stiff friend and I played with my strap-on and his cock at the same time. I imagined what it would be like to fuck someone, to penetrate the warm flash of the person in front of you with your own member.

First, I had him blow my strap-on thoroughly then lust overwhelmed me and I penetrated him. I took only a single thrust that everything in me got aroused and I thought only of one thing: Impaling my nylon slave, being his mistress and exerting total control of him. He was my property and I felt his passionate devotion. I layed myself down and he sat on top of me. My hips started to move and my hands started massaging his cock. Deep inside of me, I was melting of lust and I had to focus on not cumming before him. Eventually, I put my fingers in slightly loosened hole, stretching it even more, until my slave shot multiple loads of cum on his own face.
Length: 22:22 minutes
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