The Loving Nylon Encased Couple

It is that soft gleam of our hosed bodies that caused lust in both of us. His hands glide along my body, and I stare at my nylon lover, fascinated by that enchanting look. He distributes his gentle kisses on my breast, belly and neck while I lock my legs firmly around him. He shows his skill when he enters my wet stream, so slow and easy, yet I feel every inch. His hard piece of flesh twitches inside of me and invades deeper with every bump. The friction of the pantyhose, his breath and his scent drive me crazy. I dictate the rhythm, so he pounds faster and wilder. I grab his big cock after a few minutes, put it in my mouth and blow it obsessively. He, in turn, dives into my labia. After I've finally lost control completely, I ride him wildly and he can't hold his lust back any longer and discharges his warm juice on my patent leather heels.
Length: 19:08 minutes
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