The Successful Completion Of Nylon Encasement Internship

My girlfriend and I ordered our new intern to our room on the evening after the fair was over. I observed him very strictly over the last days and so I knew that he was fit to be the slut for our desires. Such a pretty nylon-servant for two dominant ladies, ready to do literally everything.

After we groped him thoroughly and having him ride my strap on, I let my rubber cock glide in his behind, enjoying the extension of the rear end of my good male nylon whore, while my girlfriend attended his cock. She took it in her mouth very deeply, and I could not resist taking the camera for a closer look. Later he was lying on his back in front of us, I stuffed his tight ass with my dildo, further raising my lust for him. We enjoyed finishing our game, kissing passionately, until he was allowed to cum on his belly.
Length: 21:53 minutes
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