Bound Encased Jenny Fucked Hard In Her Wet Nylon Cunt

Length: 24:08 minutes
Resolution: FULL HD Quality (1920 x 1080)
Size: 1069 MB
Format: MP4
  • Product Code: 11620
  • $18.99

My master treats me well today. I enjoy his gentle touches while he is tying me up first and then playing with my nipples. When he turns me over onto my belly, he enters me softly. Pulses of adrenaline rush through my veins and I moan loudly. He gets quicker and more pitiless. Now that he is done fucking his semi-satisfied dolly, he removes his stiff friend and, at first, puts one, maybe two fingers inside instead, until half of his hand constantly moves in and out. He rolls me over onto my back and continues fucking me. He puts his hands around my neck and literally takes my breath away. His quick and hard knocks and the shortness of breath drive me insane.

Finally, he pulls his penis out and sprays all his cum on my face. I am so greedy for it that I lick it all up until the last drop.
Length 24:08 minutes
Resolution FULL HD Quality (1920 x 1080)
Size 1069 MB
Format MP4

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