Encased Secretary And Her Boss - The Sexual Harassment

Length: 18:05 minutes
Resolution: FULL HD Quality (1920 x 1080)
Size: 837 MB
Format: MP4
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It’s been the first week at the new employer and it was very exciting but also exhausting. Weekend came closer and I was already looking forward to the end of the working day. I was in the kitchen, making coffee when I met my boss, who had a very convincing dominant aura and I realised I was totally speechless whenever he was around. We were the only people on the floor and after a brief moment where he smiled at me, he put his hand on my waist and instantly started kneading my bum. I tried to resist, but he knew too well how he gets his way with shy coworkers like me. His right hand moves to my neck, presses my head towards him. He kisses his prey and his touch is hard and demanding but it also conveys a tenderness that constantly sends shivers down my spine. He twists my nipples till it starts to hurt, he irritates my pearl just before climax only to pinch my labia. It's one horny roller coaster ride.

With one strong move he makes me bend forward and he pulls up my short dress. His left hand holds my neck and locks my position while his right hand penetrates both holes in the crotch. He gets a big anal plug from his pockets and puts it in the tighter hole of me. The moisture of my venus drips down on the inner side of my thighs, it flows right through my bum cheeks and I am nothing but horny. One of his fingers circles around my pearl, intrudes my vagina and stretches it. He claps my ass occasionally as if I am his personal fuck toy. I want him to take me right now, but he rather plays on me like an instrument that still needs to be tuned. His finger games make me explode with lust and I get down on the floor, shaking. He uses the opportunity, opens the zip of his pants and finally unpacks his stiff friend. I rejoice on the inside as I realise that he wears a shiny pantyhose. He is permitted to do whatever he wants with me and I suck this divine huge cock as if I am possessed. I keep sucking until my eyes get wet. He grabs my nylon head and pulls me tight to his bulging cock, my quick tongue wanders around his big glans and I can already taste his luscious pre cum, while he rams it in deeper and deeper into my throat with every thrust.
Length 18:05 minutes
Resolution FULL HD Quality (1920 x 1080)
Size 837 MB
Format MP4

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