Encased Jenny Pampers Your Cock

After having warmed up for my owner, I am awaiting him with bound hands. He can command over my body and so his hands greedily glide across my breast, exploring every curve of the center of my body. He fingers me firmly through three layers and I canít lie still, while he is standing so glossily encased in front of me. His friend awakes and rises and I may foster it through the nylon mask. But this takes way too much time for me, Iím getting impatient and so I rip a hole in the lower layer of nylon masks. My greedy lips enjoy grabbing his friend and so it has already disappeared completely in my mouth. Iím getting quicker, I want to fill myself with it, I want to touch it, Iím getting fierce. My master provides aid by putting his hand on my head every now and then. He controls the rhythm and intensity of my moves this way. He explodes sooner than I thought, his sperm blasts between my face masks. Iím licking them gratefully and remain seated, still lusting for him.
Length: 12:20 minutes
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