Nylon Encased Bitch With Condom Face Gets Abu...

Length: 23:53 minutes
Resolution: FULL HD Quality (1920 x 1080)
Size: 1067 MB
Format: MP4
  • Product Code: 12420
  • $16.99

After my master seduced me with his encased body and I was allowed to suck greedly his big cock, he sat down on my face and rubbed on my fucking mouth. Then he tied my wrists, cut an opening in my pantyhose and fucked me. I start losing control because I’m getting overly horny from his dominant thrusts. He extend his game by pulling a condom over my head. It is way too tight for me and leaves very little oxygen to breathe. My pulse rises and my arousal reaches indefinite levels. After my nylon man is done fucking his condom-headed nylon bitch, he ried his cock between my face and the condom mask, until I felt his warm cream through nylon in the face and he left his nylonbitch alone.
Length 23:53 minutes
Resolution FULL HD Quality (1920 x 1080)
Size 1067 MB
Format MP4

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