Florence, The Encasement Pantyhose Girl Next Door And The Right Tights

I met Florence in a fetish chat last year during the lockdown. Because she found my website interesting, she wrote to me and that's how we got to know each other and that's how we exchanged our experiences. She told me about her visits to swinger clubs and fetish parties. But she has never heard of a pantyhose encasement fetish and was therefore very interested in getting to know me. After we wrote for a long time, she asked me if I would like to visit she and do a video session with her. Since I was curious to see her in real life, I agreed and I visited she in her apartment. I was very impressed by her open, easy manner and, to my amazement, she had even thought up a scenario for the video session. E.g. that she would love to sleep with tights and her nutcracker caboose looks perfect in the tights. But I don't want to reveal much, just see for yourself.
Length: 19:39 minutes
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