My Encased Sub Is My Property

Length: 13:55 minutes
Resolution: FULL HD Quality (1920 x 1080)
Size: 614 MB
Format: MP4
  • Product Code: 12280
  • $14.99

My good sub is just for my pleasure. And while I am watching the TV, my hand is sliding over his stiff penis, while my sub, with hands tied behind his back, is standing like a big encased floor lamp beside me. He must not say and not move. He is just standing there and I am enjoing milking him like a cow. His cock twitches in the meantime with pleasure as I bind his little friend with a nylon stocking and fix his end on tnis neck. The higher he lifts his head the stronger the tension on his cock becomes. I milk him and use him the way I want. He is now allowed to cum on his glas, to drink his own semen.
Length 13:55 minutes
Resolution FULL HD Quality (1920 x 1080)
Size 614 MB
Format MP4

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