Power Failure, Low Light And A Nylon Encased Couple

Length: 15:07 minutes
Resolution: FULL HD Quality (1920 x 1080)
Size: 662 MB
Format: MP4
  • Product Code: 11950
  • $18.99

The movie has some image noise due to the very intimate and dark setting of this encounter. But that does not prevent me from getting wet whenever I watch the footage.

'Power outage, the whole street is dark', these were the words I grumbled and I put the magazine back to its place. My husband is still at work and I don’t expect him back home for the next two hours. His younger brother, who was over at our place tonight, might already be in dreams. He’s unbelievably well built and he was staring at me whenever I walked by him. When he fetched himself a glass of water, he must have heard my silent moan from the basement. He cautiously walks downstairs and opens the door to have a look.

What he sees causes an immediate reaction in his piston. I’m sitting right there on the couch, barely visible in the dim light and play with myself. My glossy pantyhose gleams in the darkness and makes my body look even hotter. My hand glides over my thighs, my eyes are closed and the legs spread wide open. Even my love portal is covered in nylon and thoroughly soaked with my juice.

Being so occupied with myself I do not hear him. When I open my eyes I see him standing at the door with a big stiff cock. I was wide-eyed, but he was not ashamed and neither was I, I continue my naughty games. His bulging cock points at me and I put it directly into my nylon mouth. His hands take my head, and he presses and moves his dagger powerfully into my throat. After my lust initial lust for sucking him got satisfied, my brother-in-law fucks me like a whore and I love every single one of his hard thrusts. I love the sensation of his cock in my nylon cunt.

After a while he demands that I put my nylon head in a condom. I happily oblige, because I hope he will use me on all other nights during his visit. The look made him literally explode and his hot cream landed on my nylon face. I will keep this a secret, and who knows – maybe he is really going to visit me more often.
Length 15:07 minutes
Resolution FULL HD Quality (1920 x 1080)
Size 662 MB
Format MP4

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