You Can Never Have Enough Encasement Sex

Length: 27:08 minutes
Resolution: FULL HD Quality (1920 x 1080)
Size: 1211 MB
Format: MP4
  • Product Code: 11700
  • $14.99

I stretch myself like a cat and rub my whole body on his, while his greedy hands softly knead my breasts. He turns me round deftly and I lie on my back. His tongue dances on my inner labia. It explores the place through his nylon mask and enters my wide opened crack. I can’t stop stroking myself, because my wolford outfit just feels too good to stop it. I can’t lie still, my thighs firmly close around his head, and my hips quake stronger and stronger. I change position and kneel. The outer layer of my mask is lifted and I gratefully accept his cock in all its length and width. I kiss this majestic body again and again and keep sucking the stiff present. My partner is overwhelmed by his lust and he pushes my head rhythmically, fiercely and dominantly against his friend. Now I’m ready and so he takes me, his property and nylon lover, who longs so much for him. He fucks me divinely. His thrusts get more intense and quicker until he loses control. Slowly he removes his cock and puts it under my mask. The finale is delightful and he rubs his cock on my lips, until some stronger blows pump all his hot semen into my face.
Length 27:08 minutes
Resolution FULL HD Quality (1920 x 1080)
Size 1211 MB
Format MP4

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